Big WeldPack® order to replace competitor’s welded heat exchangers leaking


Vitherm has been awarded a breakthrough order from a main German Customer, for a COG – Coke Oven Gas plant, in Taiwan.

The order included 12 big WeldPack® welded heat exchangers in Alloy C-276. Delivered 3 years ago, the welded heat exchangers were from a competitor. From the first day, the units have been leaking and the customer has encountered problems on cleaning the plates.

The main reason for awarding Vitherm and for selecting WeldPack® is because of the unique mechanical strength, unlike the leaking issues posed by the competitor’s unit.

Vitherm plates also allow easy accessibility, hence making it possible for 100% cleaning due to the pattern on Vitherm plates.

The delivery of the units is scheduled for December 2015.

Vitherm has over 60 years expertise in process technology and Heat Exchangers manufacturing.

Our worldwide global team of experts has impressive experience.

Since 1948, Vitherm has invented, developed, modified and improved Welded Heat Exchangers. Extensive time and energy has been invested in R&D, to constantly improve our technologies, in order to remain one step ahead of any other heat exchanger manufacturers.

Vitherm’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe and Middle East, as well as our service centers are spread throughout the Continents, focusing on managing quality and maintaining customer satisfactions.

Today, we manufacture our Heat Exchangers according to the highest quality standards, and respect all the International Industry regulations and requirements.

Vitherm technologies are designed and manufactured for extensive and trouble-free operation.