Vitherm awarded 2 welded heat exchanger – for a Chlorine production company based in Brazil


Most chlorine is manufactured by the electrolysis method of sodium chloride solution. In order to achieve this, sodium chloride of high purity will be used as concentrated solution, which is also known as the brine.

This brine solution contains Na+(aq) and Cl (aq) ions and together with the dissociation of water very low concentration of H+(aq) and OH(aq) ions are formed. During the process of electrolysis chlorine and hydrogen gases are produced.

Vitherm supplied 2 titanium welded heat exchanger for this client.

The 1st Heat Exchanger cools down the low chlorine content steam with cooling water. This process is then followed by an expansion vessel which allows to extract the water condensate, which is sent to the brine tank, while the chlorine gas follows its treatment.

The 2nd Heat Exchanger cools another chlorine steam stream, this time it is a high chlorine content steam. The condensed water is then sent to a water treatment, and the chlorine follows its purification process.

This project shows the deep process knowledge of Vitherm in different industrial applications. The fluid is only in contact with the titanium plates or lined panels and nozzle connections. The reliable mechanical concept of the Weldpack® and the process knowledge were the decision factors of the client for choosing Vitherm.

Vitherm’s Weldpack® has strong and unique mechanical design of the column and the plate pack, it avoids any leakage at the corners. In addition, it also allows easy accessibility, hence making it possible for 100% cleaning due to the pattern on Vitherm plates giving extensive and trouble-free operation. Thus making it a favourable choice for our client.

With 60 over years expertise in process technology and Heat Exchangers manufacturing, Vitherm has advanced and expanded weldpack heat exchangers to be applicable for many industrial usage. Research and Development is the key to Vitherm’s constant innovation in its technologies, thus placing a strong foothold among global players in the heat exchanger market.

Today, our Heat Exchangers are manufactured according to the highest quality standards, and respects all the International Industry regulations and requirements in our State of Art manufacturing facilities. These are located in Asia, Europe and Middle East, as well as our service centres are spread throughout the Continents.

As focusing on upholding quality and maintaining customer satisfaction remains our utmost priority.