Vitherm has been awarded another order for oil & gas plant in Italy


Vitherm recently clinched an order for the supply of 2 heat exchanger in Italy.  This client is a renowned oil and gas company that has utilized Vitherm’s plate heat exchangers for their process.

Glycol regeneration is a crucial process in various industries, including oil and gas, HVAC, and chemical manufacturing. Glycol, commonly ethylene or propylene glycol, is used as a desiccant to remove moisture from process streams. However, over time, the glycol becomes saturated with moisture and requires regeneration to restore its moisture-absorbing capacity.

Vitherm’s cutting-edge technology welded plate heat exchangers will be used in place for the heat transfer of glycol fluids. The combination of improved energy efficiency, reduced maintenance requirements, and long-term reliability makes Vitherm plate heat exchangers a cost-effective choice for glycol regeneration processes.

Vitherm welded heat exchanger will be used for this heat recovery process.  With proven track records of its unique mechanical strength gave us the cutting edge over other competitors. It also allows easy accessibility, hence making it possible for 100% cleaning due to the pattern on Vitherm plates giving extensive and trouble-free operation.

With 60 over years expertise in process technology and Heat Exchangers manufacturing, Vitherm has advanced and expanded Weldpack heat exchangers to be applicable for many industrial usage. Research and Development is the key to Vitherm’s constant innovation in its technologies, thus placing a strong foothold among global players in the heat exchanger market.

Today, our Heat Exchangers are manufactured according to the highest quality standards, and respects all the International Industry regulations and requirements in our State of Art manufacturing facilities. These are located in Asia, Europe and Middle East, as well as our service centers are spread throughout the Continents.

As focusing on upholding quality and maintaining customer satisfaction remains our utmost priority.